Corporate & Commercial Law

Corporate & Commercial Law

TechLex offers services in the full spectrum of corporate and regulatory issues affecting business entities, including selecting the optimal form of legal entity and structure from the perspective of management efficiency and tax planning, obtaining of commercial and regulatory licenses, negotiating of contracts and other business agreements.

Cross-border and domestic mergers in various industries and acquisitions transactions form an integral part of our corporate practice. We provide various services such as legal due diligence, designing acquisition, structures and planning and implementing strategies for both acquires and potential acquisition targets.

Some of the legal services offered by TechLex in the field of corporate law include:

– Structuring of company shareholder / partner relations and relations between shareholders and company
– Drafting all sorts of corporate documentation – articles and memorandum of association etc, holding of general meetings and registration of companies in all relevant registers;
– Adjustments to the capital structure and re-organization of investments – capital increase or decrease;
– Shareholder Agreements

We provide other services which every business may need, including but not limited to real estate and construction transactions, employment matters, marketing, distribution, license, supply, sale-purchase, franchise agreements etc.