Contract Law & Contract Management

Contract Law & Contract Management

Contract Law & Contract Management – stacked on top of the previous one. Includes negotiating, drafting, reviewing contracts, contract changes & amendments. Legal due diligence. Risk, deliverables, issue and dispute management. Renewals, Up-Sell & Cross-Sell opportunity management & legal support. Digital contracting.

Contract law, drafting and negotiating contracts is a critical part of your business, though one that many owners and operators give little thought to. While the core of your business operations is the sale of goods or services, the ability to provide those goods and services in a manner that is legally compliant, profitable for your organization, limits your liability and manageable for your business is created and protected by your contracts.

The terms and conditions of those agreements, whether they’re manufacturing agreements, licensing agreements, contracts for the sale of goods or other types of contracts, are essential to the health of your business. That is why working with an experienced contract law lawyer is so important.

Some most common types of contracts we prepare for and negotiate for companies working within Technology, Manufacturing, and Distribution include:

 Manufacturing agreements
 Technology and licensing agreements
 Supply of goods contracts
 Purchase orders
 Franchise agreements

We also assist with a wide range of contracts associated with the establishment of a business, such as partnership and shareholder agreements. Although we represent business clients across a range of industries, our attorneys are particularly well-versed in the issues of concern to businesses operating in the technology, manufacturing and distribution industries.

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