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Are you facing criminal charges in Bulgaria? Looking for a good criminal lawyer in Sofia, with proper English skills? Our dedicated team of experienced defense lawyers is here to provide you with top-notch legal representation and support. We understand the complexities of Bulgaria’s criminal justice system and are committed to ensuring your rights are protected every step of the way.

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Experienced Defense Attorneys

Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced criminal lawyers who specialize in the challenging area of criminal law. With a proven track record of success, we have handled a wide range of cases, from minor offenses to complex criminal trials.

In-Depth Legal Knowledge

Navigating the intricacies of Bulgaria’s criminal legal framework can be challenging. Our attorneys possess in-depth knowledge of local laws and regulations, allowing us to build robust defense strategies tailored to your specific situation.

Personalized Approach

We understand that every case is unique. That’s why we take the time to thoroughly analyze the details of your case, identify key strengths and weaknesses, and develop a personalized defense strategy designed to achieve the best possible outcome.

Our Criminal Law Services

Legal Help and Representation before Police and Court for:

  1. Interim Arrest (Detention)

What should we know about the arrest?

The arrest as a type of pre-trial detention measure is regulated in Article 63 et seq. of the Criminal Procedure Code. The law uses the term custody, but in colloquial language the term arrest is more common. In essence, it is the compulsory deprivation of liberty of a person who is reasonably suspected of having committed a criminal offence, when there is a risk that the person may abscond (flee from justice) or commit another offence pending the conclusion of criminal proceedings.

Arrest from the Police up to 24 hours

Police authorities may detain a person:

  1. For whom there is evidence that he has committed a criminal offence.
  2. Who, after due warning, knowingly obstructs a police authority in the performance of his duty.
  3. Who exhibits serious mental abnormality and by his conduct disturbs public order or places his life or the lives of others in obvious danger.
  4. Where his identity cannot be established.
  5. Who has absconded from serving a custodial sentence or from the places where he has been detained as an accused in execution of an order of a judicial authority.
  6. Declared wanted for the purpose of detention or at the request of another State in connection with his extradition or in execution of a European Arrest Warrant.

It is important to note that arrest by a police authority is not a detention measure within the meaning of the CCP. It is governed by another Act and is in its essence a coercive administrative measure, and may not last more than 24 hours when it is under points 1 to 4 and the detainee may not be subject to any restrictions other than the right to free movement

Detention by the Prosecutor up to 72 hours

The Bulgarian Criminal Procedure Code regulates detention for up to 72 hours when ordered by a prosecutor. It is admissible only if it is intended to ensure that the detainee is brought before the court in order for the final detention measure to be taken in accordance with the relevant procedure.

What is a detention order?

In order to understand the nature of pre-trial detention, it is first necessary to clarify exactly what pre-trial detention measures mean. They are means of procedural coercion listed exhaustively in the Code of Criminal Procedure, which the law allows in respect of a person accused of committing a crime of a general nature /when the proceedings are initiated by a prosecutor and are conducted with his participation/, when two statutory prerequisites are present simultaneously:

  1. the evidence in the case indicates that there is a reasonable presumption that the offence was committed by that person.
  2. that there is a risk that the person will try to evade justice, commit another offence or frustrate the enforcement of the final sentence.

Types of detention measures?

When the conditions for a pre-trial detention order are met, the competent authorities may take one of the following measures, listed from mildest to most severe:

  • Regular sign-in at the police,
  • Bail,
  • House arrest
  • Arrest

Only one of the aforementioned pre-trial detention measures may be imposed on a person, taking into account the nature of the offence and its degree of public danger, the evidence gathered, the health and financial situation of the accused, etc., when assessing which of them should be applied.

Pre-trial detention or arrest is the most severe detention measure that may be taken both in the pre-trial proceedings and in the trial phase of the proceedings, under certain circumstances specified in the law, which are indicated above.

If arrested, you better call a lawyer ASAP! Contact us today to let us fight for your freedom.

  1. Driving Under Influence (DUI) Defense

DUI is a serious offence under Bulgarian law. New amendments to the Criminal Code for Driving Under Influence (DUI) related traffic crimes were made effective as of 8th of August 2023. Severe measures are foreseen, among those are confiscation of the vehicle and up to 5 years of imprisonment. If you’re facing charges related to driving under the influence, our DUI defense attorneys are well-equipped to protect your rights and minimize potential consequences.

  1. Drug Offenses

Being accused of a drug-related crime can have serious implications. Our legal team has extensive experience handling drug offense cases and will work tirelessly to secure a favorable result and a fair judgment.

  1. Assault and Battery

Allegations of assault and battery (body damage) require a strong defense. Our attorneys are skilled in challenging evidence, protecting your rights, and building a solid case in your favor.

  1. White-Collar Crimes

If you’re facing charges related to fraud, embezzlement, or other white-collar crimes, our legal experts can provide strategic defense to safeguard your reputation and future.

  1. Sexual Offenses

Accusations of sexual offenses can be life-altering. Our compassionate attorneys will handle your case with sensitivity while vigorously defending your rights.

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