About Us

Good lawyers in Sofia. Digitally empowered Law Firm

Good lawyers Sofia. TechLex is a Business Legal Service provider, located in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our team consists of Bulgarian and internationally educated lawyers who provide high quality legal services in Bulgarian, English and German language.

As the first-mover on the Bulgarian market to combine Legal service with Digital Transformation, we are committed to be digital-first. We are capable of providing complex software solutions, IT consulting and system integration in the legal sector.

In the conduct of their business, as well as when venturing new markets, we help our clients understand what to expect and advise them on the best techniques to protect their interests. Our clients request, monitor and handle their legal needs and cost completely digital as we provide a sleek, frustration-free experience with a modern, fully customized tech-stack.

In addition to the above, we possess dispute resolution and litigation capabilities for representation in the state and arbitration courts for the cases when business relationships do not turn out in the way it was expected.

TechLex maintains a broad network of working relationships with leading law firms from Europe. We support the fight against poverty by helping and encouraging people to start their own businesses, start-ups with socially relevant causes and non-profit organizations.



Our mission is to provide high quality legal assistance to our clients, applying a case-by-case approach and deliver value and cost savings to clients.



Our vision is to offer our clients next generation legal services by leveraging our expertise and the power of digital transformation.



Our values are openness, commitment and responsibility to the tasks and assignments, professionalism, experience, fairness.

We'll help you with every step of the way